David Maria Trapp is a mixer, music producer and audio engineer based at the Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios in Bonn. His main focus lies on mixing and producing, while also having a lot of love for live engineering.

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David’s professional experience reaches back to 2006, working as a sound engineer in both live and studio contexts since then. Playing the bass in progressive rock band Lake Cisco (since 2009) and synthesizer in dadaist punk band Kochkraft Durch KMA (2014 – 2017), his style roots in experimental and ambitious live setups. By studying „Ton und Bild“ at the renowned Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien, he deepened his musical and technical knowledge and progressed into a confident and flexible decision maker. With an urge to explore organic and unconventional sounds, David always seeks for the best listening experience.

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Workflow & premises

Whether as a producer or as a mixing engineer, David heavily relies on his intuition and pursues an open-minded approach to his work. Starting from the artist’s musical background and vision, he incorporates the inspiring feel and chaotic nature of creative analogue tools with the swift and precise workflow of digital workstations. Be it his old broadcast console, a bunch of classic hardware compressors, tape echoes or an extensive collection of plugins, a wide array of both analogue and digital equipment is used to form sophisticated soundscapes.

Professional studio monitors & high-end DA-Conversion allow for an in-depth analysis of the audio material, complemented by the controlled listening environment of the Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios. A total of 190 m2 offer a spacious room for live recordings, two acoustically optimized control rooms and an area for preproduction sessions, completed by the studio’s kitchen.



Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios

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